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Cutting-edge tech at Club Med Exclusive Collection’s Val d’Isère resort in France


By Dean McCoubrey

The sophisticated Alpine interior of this newly renovated resort is warm, inviting and unmistakably modern. This aesthetic is complemented by intelligent design elements that facilitate an effortless transition from arrival to relaxation.

If you ski, you will know Val d’Isère or Val as the locals call it. Steeped in history, its very first hotel opened in 1888. In 1930, the skiing trend arrived in Val d’Isère and two decades later, after the war, the emergence of winter sports started climbing.

In 1955, Val d’Isère Sports Club decided to host a competition at the beginning of December, to attract skiers in training, and within a few years, the French ski team’s results encouraged skiers from across the world to add the Criterium event to their competition programme. To this day, one stage of the World Cup now takes place on the Oreiller-Killy slope, and another on the legendary Face de Bellevarde run. One of the Grand Masters of The Alps, Val d’Isère is real class.

Since emerging from the pandemic, travel is an evolving landscape demanding intelligence and sustainability in addition to luxury. With the Val d’Isère resort, Club Med Exclusive Collection has timed its response beautifully, emphasising functionality, environmental awareness, and a seamless blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology.

The resort’s use of its own app enhances the guest experience from the outset, managing details like ski pass distribution, equipment fittings, and lesson scheduling, which would normally consume the first day of a ski holiday.

Guests are swiftly outfitted and ready to hit the slopes within moments of arrival, thanks to a meticulously planned ‘ski-in, ski-out’ infrastructure. This design ingenuity not only maximises time for skiing but also simplifies the logistics associated with ski vacations, especially for those travelling from afar.

A commitment to sustainability is woven through its operations and physical structure. The recent renovation adheres to BREEAM standards, ensuring that eco-friendly practices are embedded in everything from energy management to material choices. This dedication to green practices is not an afterthought but a foundational feature, appealing to travellers increasingly concerned with their environmental impact.

Even the nightlife and social offerings have been curated to reflect the post-pandemic shift in travel preferences. Spaces are designed to foster social interaction while respecting personal space, offering vibrant yet comfortable settings for après-ski activities. From DJ sets to cocktail hours, the resort provides diverse entertainment options that cater to both families and couples, ensuring that every guest finds something to enhance their evening.

This project, a pioneer in the Alps for Club Med, is perfectly timed to address the evolving needs of modern travellers. It provides a holistic experience that transcends traditional skiing holidays by incorporating luxury, sustainability, and efficiency into every aspect. The resort’s approach to travel—where every detail, from room design to guest services is thoughtfully considered—sets a new standard in the hospitality industry.

Moreover, the expansive wellness facilities, including a spa partnered with Cinq Mondes, offer guests a chance to indulge in self-care after a day on the slopes. The range of wellness activities, from yoga classes to thermal spa treatments, underscores the resort’s commitment to providing a rejuvenating environment for all guests.

With its intelligent design, commitment to sustainability, and comprehensive understanding of changing travel dynamics, Val d’Isère is a beacon for future all-inclusive developments in the luxury ski industry. We will be seeing a lot more of this across the travel industry this decade. IB

Getting there

The nearest airport is Chambéry, 145 kilometres away, while Geneva is about 220 kilometres and Lyon 240 kilometres. The nearest railway station is Bourg-St-Maurice, a 40-minute drive down the valley.

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