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TikTok Introduces $1M Grant for Social Impact Creators and Non-Profits

Building on its commitment to fostering a global community passionate about using #TikTokforGood, TikTok has officially launched the TikTok Change Makers Program.

This initiative marks the platform’s first-ever global social impact creator elevation initiative, spotlighting creators and non-profits who drive meaningful change in their communities through TikTok. The program aims to showcase its global community’s diverse voices and strengths as it educates, advocates, and inspires communities to drive meaningful, positive, and lasting change.

The six-month program will support selected creators worldwide in building engaged communities, reaching new audiences, and unlocking real-world opportunities. This will be achieved through dedicated tools, resources, and donations to designated non-profit organisations.

An integral part of the TikTok Change Makers Program is the TikTok Change Makers Grant. Through this grant, the platform will donate over $1 million to more than 30 global and local non-profit organisations supporting various important causes. Each Changemaker will receive a $25,000 direct donation to support their respective advocacies, thereby elevating the impact of their work.

Selection Process

To officially launch this program, TikTok is celebrating and unveiling an inaugural global list of Change Makers, comprising 50 purpose-driven creators from around the world. Whether it’s spreading positivity or sharing good deeds, these Change Makers continue to advocate, inspire, and educate their communities to drive collective change on TikTok and beyond.

Focus on Africa As part of the TikTok Change Makers Program, four purpose-driven creators from Africa have been selected to impact and inspire their audiences on TikTok and beyond significantly. Among them are Dr Siyamak Saleh and Melissa (@pilot_onthegram) from South Africa.

Dr Siyamak Saleh is a medical professional and multi-award-winning content creator renowned for his expertise in reproductive and sexual health education. He contributes to global public health as a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) and through his influential TikTok channel. By debunking myths and providing evidence-based health information, he empowers a global audience to make informed health decisions. Dr Saleh, who will be partnering with the WHO for the program, explains, “I leverage TikTok to create fun and engaging content that not only raises awareness about sexual and reproductive health but also debunks the most common myths with evidence-based information. This approach empowers a global audience to make informed health decisions, promoting well-being worldwide and bridging gaps in sex education.” He adds: “Collaborating with the WHO allows us to amplify our efforts to spread accurate health information.”

Dr Alain Labrique, Director of the Department of Digital Health and Innovation at WHO, supported the initiative, stating, “We are pleased to work with TikTok and content creators worldwide on the TikTok Change Makers Program. By leveraging our combined strengths, we can broaden our reach to communities globally, impacting health and other important issues affecting people. This program enables us to connect with wider audiences, encouraging creativity for meaningful advocacy and health communication.”

Melissa is a trailblazing South African pilot and creator known for engaging aviation videos on TikTok. As the first in South Africa to be verified on the platform, she is committed to inspiring future pilots and aviators, especially women—to challenge industry stereotypes. For the Change Makers program, she will partner with the South African Depression & Anxiety Group.

She says, “I use TikTok to break down barriers and inspire the next generation of women. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I am honoured to work with the South African Depression & Anxiety Group to raise awareness and support those who may be struggling.”

Championing Causes with Non-Profit Organisations through the TikTok Change Makers Grant

TikTok brings together creators, non-profit organisations, and businesses with a shared vision to rally support, raise awareness, and fund causes that matter. Over 50,000 posts under the #TikTokforGood hashtag showcase the strength and impact of a community keen to drive meaningful change and unlock real-world impact.

“The TikTok global community harnesses creative self-expression to drive positive impact by rallying support, raising awareness, and advocating for the causes they truly care about. We’re proud to launch the TikTok Change Makers Programme to help social impact creators and non-profit organisations reach more communities, unlock real-world opportunities, and bring about lasting, meaningful change,” said Kim Farrell, Head of Creators, TikTok.

Check out the local Change Makers Content Hub to learn more about how you can help make real change happen. Over the next six months, it will feature inspiring programming and impactful stories. Join your fellow Change Makers by championing everyday good using #TikTokforGood, starting today!

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