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Meet BooYaa Golf: Revolutionising Your Golf Experience


BooYaa Golf is a clothing brand born out of the shared vision of two experienced and passionate individuals with a deep love for the game of golf. Ruan Lotz and Johan van Greune, two unique brand personalities, set out to challenge the dominance of the leading golf brands in the world and carve a niche for themselves in the industry.

With affordability becoming a key consideration for many golfers in this turbulent market, Ruan and Johan felt the time was right to introduce a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to the more expensive clothing options available in the market. After all, why should someone have to spend more than R1,000 for a shirt when the same quality (if not better) can be provided at a more price-conscious level?

Of course, Ruan and Johan knew they had to develop a brand name that would distinguish the business from anything else and that would be capable of capturing the essence of excitement and exhilaration in golf. In a highly competitive environment, the name had to be catchy, distinctive, and memorable. What better name to encapsulate all this than BooYaa?

If there is one word to capture the exhilaration of sinking a long putt, or launching that perfect drive down the fairway, then it is BooYaa. But more than golf, the word has come to represent any extraordinary moment in life that embodies that feeling of excitement. In fact, the dictionary defines the word as a ‘spirited exclamation, infusing interactions with a sense of enthusiasm and triumph.’ The word transcends cultures and genders and has become commonplace everywhere in the world.

With one part of the equation sorted, the team worked on creating the logo that would embody the spirit of the brand. They spent countless hours researching golf fashion and immersing themselves in the world of golf to ensure that their logo not only captured the essence of the sport but could translate into other areas of life.

Drawing on traditional design techniques passed down from Ruan’s father, a jewellery designer, the founders meticulously crafted a logo that exuded energy, excitement, and personality. The result was a visually striking emblem that demanded attention and reflected the exuberance of the BooYaa brand. While the logo is inspired by a golf swing, it also succeeds in conveying a lifestyle message that shows a playful side while still being professional.

Think of BooYaa Golf as a celebration of all things golf. The logo is refreshingly unique and has been drawing attention wherever it is shown. For Ruan and Johan, the logo and the name fit perfectly and help create a connection between BooYaa Golf and the people who want to become part of it.

The arrival of BooYaa Golf provides golfers with an international, local apparel brand. It is a South African company with manufacturing partners in Asia. This means that BooYaa Golf is well-positioned to become one of the largest apparel brands in the world thanks to its wide distribution network, high-quality products, and South African grit and determination.

See you at a course near you!

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