Home Fitness Virgin Active invests further in rewarding members for active lifestyles: expands Rewards programme with The Sneaker Shack partnership

Virgin Active invests further in rewarding members for active lifestyles: expands Rewards programme with The Sneaker Shack partnership

South Africa’s largest health and wellness brand Virgin Active, has expanded its member Rewards programme by partnering with leading sneaker cleaning and care service company – The Sneaker Shack.

The Rewards programme and updated app aim to elevate the experience of existing members while attracting new members, as South Africans shift to improved health and wellness habits in 2024.

Partnering with The Sneaker Shack adds to the growing cross-sector wellness ecosystem of partnerships that Virgin Active is cultivating.

“Partnering with The Sneaker Shack and expanding our network of partners, further entrenches our goal of creating a holistic wellness ecosystem for members built on support, reward, and community,” says Patrick Hardy, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Virgin Active.

“Our partners provide the opportunity to add value to our members by incentivising and rewarding them for prioritising their exercise and wellness goals. We remain committed to being South Africa’s wellness partner”.

 “A partnership with our friends at Virgin Active has always been a goal for us and a great example of how collaborative efforts can bring real value to our customers. We can’t wait for Virgin Active members to continue their wellness journey in a new and fresh way,” says The Sneaker Shack founder, Lolo Ndlovu.

Through this partnership, Virgin Active members can unlock an array of rewards by achieving their exercise goals – further showcasing the power of incentivising health and exercise in a fast-paced world where consumers are time-strapped and in need of support.

Virgin Active’s new app, launched in May 2023, underwent a complete overhaul to rethink how best to support its over-600 000 members on their wellness journeys. Since its launch, Virgin Active has released significant updates improving the overall user experience and functionality of the app.

The app bridges the divide between the physical space and the digital world and is based on a sense of community that is further strengthened with each new collaborative brand partnership.

As the Virgin Active Rewards programme continues to grow and evolve, members can look forward to more exciting partnerships and rewards that complement their active lifestyles.

“This new collaboration with The Sneaker Shack not only gives Virgin Active members another great reason to lace up their sneakers and hit the gym, but reinforces all of the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle,” concludes Hardy.

For more information on Virgin Active’s member-centred app and rewards programme, visit www.virginactive.co.za.

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