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‘Tyla’- A South African young rising star

Gaze your eyes on your TV and phone screens, have your hands pinned to the hashtag tyla (#tyla) and hashtag water (#water). The South African “Water and Getting Late” songs 21-year-old rising star has a beautiful future ahead of her.

Signed to an international label Epic Records, her current song ‘water’ is making international waves, and has a viral Tik-Tok dance challenge that has millions of people partaking in the challenge. On YouTube the hit song is on 8.6 million views at the moment, and it is obviously going to skyrocket.

The young South African artist is from South Africa currently living in the US. She has clearly mentioned that until her musical breakthrough she has never been outside South Africa. What a way to fly outside your home country, with an unforgettable memory and experience. “I’ve been travelling a lot. I’ve been to places I’ve never been and never thought I’d be, making music, and working with people like a writer from the UK called Cory. I worked with Teron James and Tricky Stewart.”

Tricky Stewart has worked with artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ciara, Jessica Simpson, and many famous artists. With Tyla working with such high knots, and bouncing across the States, New York, Miami, South Africa, there is no doubt she is set for major world tours soon. We wish Tyla the very best as she seizes the moment she created for herself. She did that!

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