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TikTok introduces new rules and safety resources for LIVE

TikTok is rolling out new guidelines for earning money with its livestreaming feature, along with educational tools to help creators build positive, inclusive LIVE communities.

TikTok LIVE will start rolling out new LIVE Monetization Guidelines and educational initiatives to further foster positive, authentic and joyful LIVE communities. The guidelines lay out how some content—including inauthentic or low-quality content—is not eligible to earn money on TikTok LIVE.

While most creators already follow these rules, those who violate them will be notified and may have their access to monetization features restricted. TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service will continue to set the foundational standards for which content is allowed anywhere on TikTok, including LIVE.

TikTok is also updating its approach to onboarding new LIVE creators, to better support and welcome new streamers safely. TikTok has some of the industry’s firmest livestreaming requirements, as creators must be at least 18 years old and their accounts must meet additional criteria to go LIVE. Now, newly eligible LIVE creators will receive access to advanced LIVE monetization features in phases, so they can learn LIVE’s rules as they grow their audience. To help them do that, TikTok is also launching a new LIVE Safety Center resource and updating its in-app LIVE Safety Education Center, where creators can view policy violations and educational content.

Waseem Sayegh, Head of TikTok LIVE, Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan said: “We believe these updates will empower our LIVE community’s creativity while helping ensure our features promote the positive interactions they’re intended for. The vast majority of LIVE creators already follow our safety rules and Monetization Guidelines, and we’ll continue to build resources, moderation processes and tools that can help them foster safe, inclusive and authentic LIVE communities.”

These updates build on TikTok’s continued investment in LIVE safety and content quality. More than 40,000 people work alongside technology to keep the TikTok platform safe, and this includes dedicated teams and detection models for LIVE. TikTok offers over 10 customizable safety tools specifically for LIVE creators, as well as numerous features that help viewers personalize how they enjoy LIVE content.

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