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Thuso Mbedu; A Success Rebel

From humble beginnings to illuminating the Hollywood high stages, billboards and streets, Thuso is such an epitome of radiance, cool, class and fierceness. She embodies all the coolest benevolent characters a girl would like to have, and the genuineness of her soul is seen and felt right through our screens. The ultimate rebel Queen of success.  

Born in South Africa on the 8th of July 1991, Thuso has captivated the hearts of masses around the world with her prodigious talent. Her first international debut was when she played Cora in ‘The Underground Railroad’, she then played Nawl in ‘The Woman King’ alongside Viola Davis. She has bagged Emmy nominations and awards.

Her name is on the tongues of top world elites talk show hosts like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. When she graced the Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen mentioned that she told Oprah that she was coming to her show, and that they are both in awe of her and she is incredible.

She is the ambassador of Loreal Paris and she strutted the L’Oréal Paris runway at Paris on the 1st of October 2023 on the forecourt of the Eiffel Tower, called ‘Walk your Worth’. She walked among other international stars, Eva Longoria, Kylie Jenner, Camila Cabello and many more.

Her Instagram caption from the Loreal Paris event that was held in Johannesburg in August 2023 reads, “What do we call it when the dream you didn’t dare to dream becomes a reality? Whatever the word is, it’s what we will call the night of @lorealparis in Sub-Saharan Africa as words are clearly failing me.”

It’s so beautiful to see young people fight for their dreams and their seeds pay off. Her unwavering determination to look at life in a positive way, after having lost both parents at a young age, and being by her grandmother’s side displays zeal.

Thuso Mbedu is just a star, and her light can and will never be dimmed. She is an absolute star the world needed with her indomitable spirit. She also represents inclusivity and is sure an inspiration to young ones with world sized dreams. Dream no matter your age. It’s possible child!

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