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Simba’s New Steakhouse Beef Flavoured chips: An Ode to Mzansi’s Vibrant Braai Culture

Simba combines Chef Benny’s braai culinary finesse with its snack expertise to create a flavour profile that is nothing short of extraordinary.

A ‘braai’ before the braai

In a society where the braai is more than just a meal the Simba Steakhouse Beef flavoured chips steps into the scene as a tribute to the cherished South African occasion. Every braai moment deserves to Roarrr with flavour and in recognition of this, Simba has created a delicious companion.

The Simba Steakhouse Beef flavour creates an occasion of its own, to savour the anticipation, joyous wait, and the camaraderie before the feast begins. With the tagline “Roarrs with flavour”, when the wait is too long, Bambisa ngeSimba Steakhouse Beef.  The brand presents a flavour experience that bridges the gap between the start and the actual braai indulgence. It’s a prelude to the culinary celebration, bringing the sizzle of a steakhouse to your fingertips.

“With this new flavour, Simba continues to revolutionise taste sensations by embracing cultural traditions to craft unique flavour experiences. With a commitment to celebrating special moments together the Steakhouse Beef flavour is set to become the backdrop for laughter, conversation, and the creation of lasting braai memories,” adds Giulia lorio-Ndlovu, Senior Snacks Marketing Director at PepsiCo South Africa.

Partnering with culinary maestro, Chef Benny

Simba has collaborated with renowned South African Chef Benny Masekwameng to elevate the new flavour to the echelons of taste excellence. A true braai master, Chef Benny adds his touch of mastery, refining snack time by bringing the essence of the braai culture to life.

This significant collaboration reflects Simba’s commitment to creating authentic flavours that resonate with the heart of South African culture. 

The very best meaty South African flavours 

The new Steakhouse Beef stands out as a distinct flavour from Simba’s repertoire. Unlike the traditional Smoked Beef flavour, it boasts a carefully curated blend of premium spices that replicate the succulent and savoury taste of a gourmet steakhouse beef fillet, all within the confines of a snack. The Steakhouse Beef flavour is sweet and saucy, with an unmistakable meaty base and hints of BBQ – just like a steakhouse meal in your mouth!

“When it comes to quality, Simba does not compromise. Consumers can still expect chips that are made from only the very best potatoes grown in Southern Africa,” continues Giulia lorio-Ndlovu.

This limited-edition offering is designed to spark curiosity, ignite braai moments together and inspire convers.

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