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Noordhoek Art Point Gallery Hosts Iconic Keiskamma Covid Resilience Tapestry

Noordhoek Art Point Gallery is set to open its doors on Thursday, 29th February, for a remarkable one-day exhibition featuring the esteemed Keiskamma Covid Resilience Tapestry. This 2.5m high and 7.5m wide masterpiece, valued at just under R1 million, is a testament to resilience, community spirit, and the enduring power of art amidst adversity. Crafted over the course of two years, this tapestry encapsulates the collective experiences and emotions of individuals navigating the tumultuous landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are ecstatic to have been chosen to show this incredible piece for the day,” says Noordhoek Art Point Gallery co-owner, founder and curator, Aimee Kruger. “It is an honour to show a piece like this and show the true spirit that art is able to bring to communities!”

For more than two decades, the Keiskamma Art Project has been a beacon of creativity and empowerment for the communities residing alongside the Keiskamma River in the Eastern Cape. From monumental, embroidered artworks like the Keiskamma Tapestry and Keiskamma Altarpiece to the evocative Keiskamma Guernica, the project has garnered global recognition and accolades. Beyond its artistic merit, the Keiskamma Art Project serves as a vital economic lifeline, providing dignified employment opportunities in an otherwise marginalized region of South Africa.

The Covid Resilience Tapestry emerged amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic-induced lockdown, offering artists a means of sustenance and expression during challenging times. Each intricate illustration within the tapestry was meticulously embroidered by artists, often working from home or under restricted conditions, before being seamlessly integrated into the larger fabric of the artwork. Spanning twelve months from February 2020 to January 2021, the tapestry chronicles the emotional ebbs and flows experienced throughout the pandemic year.

Central to the tapestry’s narrative is the depiction of a winter tree, symbolizing the sacred fig (umkhiwane), a potent emblem of life awaiting rejuvenation. Against the backdrop of this arboreal motif, Xhosa proverbs and ‘word images’ are intricately woven into the fabric, capturing the collective consciousness of the community during a period of unprecedented challenge. Images of adversity and resilience intertwine beneath the branches of the sacred tree, serving as a poignant reminder of the strength found in unity and shared experience.

The decision to showcase the Keiskamma Covid Resilience Tapestry at the Noordhoek Art Point Gallery underscores the significance of art as a conduit for healing, reflection, and societal transformation. As visitors engage with this remarkable artwork, they are invited to embark on a journey through time, witnessing the indomitable human spirit manifested in thread and stitch. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the tapestry serves as a testament to the enduring power of creativity to transcend adversity and foster communal resilience.

Showing alongside the tapestry will be works from the talented students at the Masi Sports and Art, exhibiting pieces that they have been working on, expressing their local creative spirit.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness the Keiskamma Covid Resilience Tapestry firsthand at the Noordhoek Art Point Gallery. Join us on Thursday, 29th February, as we celebrate the triumph of the human spirit amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Admission is free, and all are welcome to experience the beauty and resilience captured within this iconic artwork.

For more information, please visit www.noordhoekartpoint.co.za

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