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Markham Takes SAMW!

April 6th marks the much-anticipated South African Menswear Week, the sole official platform in Africa dedicated to the advancement of menswear. It promises an impressive line-up of collections, discussions, and after-parties. This season is shaping up to be one to remember, and here’s everything you need to know about what’s in store. 

Markham kicks off its showcase with its annual collaboration with Fedisa Fashion School, highlighting strong partnerships that are shaping the future of creativity in the fashion industry and exploring the dynamics of powerful collaborations. Look out for highlights like the top six looks from the denim flash fashion collaboration with Fedisa. Leading the way in this year’s display will be names like Zainab Sayanvala, Jesse Hendricks, Saskia Govender, Anne Igboke, Roxanne D’ Oliveira, and Gabriella Galaun. 

For the autumn/winter 2024 season, Markham, Southern Africa’s largest stand-alone men’s fashion retail chain, introduces The Icon collection. True to the brand’s DNA, it explores innovative textures and materials while staying true to traditional forms. Markham plays with proportions, offering voluminous designs that exude cosiness, confidence, and sophistication. This collection aims to evoke a sense of sanctuary, inspiring moments of creativity. 

Earthy tones dominate the collection, reminiscent of peaceful and soothing atmospheres. Warm hues provide comfort and a sense of security, while timeless neutrals offer pieces for a classic capsule wardrobe. It’s more than just clothes; it’s a feeling, it’s a mood. 

With a modern take on classic menswear rules, the standout features of the collection include our ICON neckerchiefs by FEDISA Fashion Flash print winner Zoë Wolstenholme and our ICON bag partnership with local designer Charles Matthysen.  This is just a taste of what’s to come. After a six-month break, Markham is gearing up to showcase its Icon collection, promising an event that’s well worth the wait. Expect to see the who’s who of Cape Town and the fashion world in the front row for this one. 

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