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“Life with Lebang” has received recognition at the APVA (African Podcasters and Voice Artists) Awards

The Life With Lebang podcast, hosted by Lebang Kgosana, is a popular show that focuses on new-age parenting and offers advice and insight into non-traditional parenting methods. It was launched in 2021 and has since published 114 episodes online. The show addresses various topics, such as introducing kids to the concept of money, selecting the right nanny for your child, and being an intentional and present parent. Lebang Kgosana, an APVA award winner and mother of five, hosts the podcast with the goal of providing positive parental awareness, healing, and advice for young parents who may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of modern parenthood.

The podcast was inspired by the need for a supportive community among young parents, allowing them to connect and find encouragement in the evolving journey of parenthood. It serves as a valuable resource for credible advice and information on a wide range of parenting issues that young parents may encounter.

It’s also encouraging to see the Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists recognizing and celebrating African podcasters and voice-over artists through events like the African Podcast Awards. In 2023, the podcast received recognition and acclaim at the African Podcast Awards, where it was honored with the Podcast of the Year Award. This achievement made Lebang Kgosana the first black female to win in this category, highlighting her dedication to providing different perspectives and sharing her life experiences through her weekly show.  

The growth of podcasting in South Africa has been substantial, with the industry predicted to reach up to 19 million monthly listeners and an estimated podcast advertising revenue segment worth R302 million by 2024. The podcast medium continues to influence how audiences consume content, with over 475 million active podcast listeners worldwide, and 43% of South Africa’s online population having listened to a podcast in the last month. The current addressable market for podcasting in South Africa is around 16 million people, and podcast listenership increased by 50% in 2018.

Lebang Kgosana’s background and experience in the media and entertainment industries, as well as her passion for positive and present parenting, make her a valuable resource for young parents seeking guidance and support in their journey through parenthood.

The statistics for podcast consumption in Africa show significant growth, with countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Angola leading the way as the top five podcast-listening African nations. In Nigeria, the younger generation, particularly Gen Z (18-24 years old), accounts for a significant 50% of total podcast streams over the past 90 days. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Gen Z also leads in podcast consumption, making up 39% of total streams, indicating the broad appeal of podcasts to younger audiences. Podcasting has become a powerful and influential medium in Africa, helping to connect creators with diverse audiences and communities.

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