Fashion Revolution, The World’s Largest Fashion Activism Movement, Marks 10th Anniversary with Fashion Revolution Week 2024

Fashion Revolution Week is our annual campaign bringing together the world’s largest fashion activism movement. Fashion Revolution Week 2024 will mark ten years of Fashion Revolution with ten days of action, bringing together communities around the world through a series of engaging local events in seventy-five countries. This year, the campaign will run from Monday 15th – Wednesday 24th April.

The theme for Fashion Revolution Week 2024 is How to be a Fashion Revolutionary. This year’s theme invites our global community to share a decade of learnings on what it means to be a part of the revolution, including their achievements, advice and their hopes for the future. We will hear from the community builders, creative thinkers and organisers that have helped drive ten years of Fashion Revolution to inspire and guide the next generation of Fashion Revolutionaries, and explore fashion’s role in driving social and environmental justice.

Everyone has a part to play in building a fashion industry that puts people and planet first, but getting started can seem daunting. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to get involved with this year’s campaign as global citizens. Whether you’re a student, brand, producer or someone interested in transforming the fashion industry for the better, there is something for everyone to get involved with Fashion Revolution Week 2024, wherever you are in the world. Join us as we celebrate ten years of Fashion Revolution and redefine what fashion activism looks like for the future – here’s how.

How To Get Involved
Three calls to action for this campaign: BE CURIOUS, FIND OUT and DO SOMETHING

We Are Fashion Revolution
Be Curious by listening to the untold stories of Fashion Revolutionaries and share your own using our new #WeAreFashionRevolution campaign.

The story of Fashion Revolution is one of community. For the last ten years, Fashion Revolutionaries have tirelessly demanded a fashion industry that values people and planet above profit – and we want to hear all about it! #WeAreFashionRevolution invites our community to share what being a Fashion Revolutionary means to them. Using our social media templates and story prompts, participants are encouraged to reflect on their journey in fashion activism, list their hopes for the future or share advice for new Fashion Revolutionaries. This campaign is ultimately a celebration of the community builders, creative
thinkers and conversation starters who make up our global movement. Be a part of our story and show the world that #WeAreFashionRevolution. Learn more here.

How to be a Fashion Revolutionary workshop series
Find Out how to be a Fashion Revolutionary by joining our online workshops aimed at helping our community develop new skills.

We have turned a decade of learnings, successes and campaigns into a free global workshop series, designed and led by fellow Fashion Revolutionaries. This series will equip attendees with everything they need to take action, including valuable communication, community building, advocacy and education skills. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with the local community and get inspired for future events, projects and campaigns. Find a local workshop or register for a virtual session here.

Mend In Public Day
Do Something by taking collective action as part of our Mend in Public Day on Saturday 20th April.

Everyone is invited to join us on the streets for our first global Mend In Public Day. The idea is simple: get out into the local community and stitch in protest against disposable fashion. We will be gathering at the Green Point Park in Cape Town on Saturday 20th April between 10:00 and 15:00, where we will be repairing our slightly worn but still loved pieces, from torn pockets to split seams, sparking conversations on how to make Loved Clothes Last. By participating, you will be part of a global collective action resisting the cycle of excess through repair and reuse. As we are also aiming to build community and help you learn new skills, we are extending this event to anyone who may not have particular items in need of mending, but want to join us as they work on their other hand-made projects, such as their embroidery, knitting, crocheting etc. We also encourage you to bring any other gently worn items of clothing that others can mend and any equipment you want to use or are open to sharing. We will also have a variety of materials and equipment available on the day, along with some expert help from our team of volunteers, to offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and experiment with different techniques.

Get your repair pile at the ready and join us for a day of collective resistance against disposable fashion. All skill levels and Fashion Revolutionaries welcome! You can learn more about this event on our website, and you are also welcome to organise and host your own Mend in Public day with your friends and community. Just make sure to tag us @fash_rev_southafrica so we can see what you get up to!

All skill levels and Fashion Revolutionaries welcome! Learn more about this event here. You can RSVP to our event here.

Film Screening: Fashion Reimagined
Join us for a free film screening of Fashion Reimagined at the auditorium at Bertha House on Wednesday, 17 April at 17:30. There will be free popcorn available, and you will have the opportunity to connect with other activists, students and citizens before and after the film. We will also have some interactive activities to spark important conversations around the sustainable fashion movement in South Africa.

To RSVP to our film screening, click here.

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