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Enhance Your Event with Tarot and Palm Reading

Whether at a team building, corporate event, trade show, product launch, annual meeting or year-end function, giving your staff and/or guests the opportunity to have Tarot and palm readings can bring incredible value to your events.

Natasha McCloy

World Tarot Day is annually celebrated on 25 May to honour a shared love of this ancient art of divination, self-reflection, personal growth, intuition, insight and decision-making. Adding Tarot and/or palmistry to your gatherings is a unique and wonderful way to engage and entertain, while helping to guide and empower everyone at your occasion.

Incorporating palm and Tarot readings into workplace events is great to revitalise staff and boost team morale by providing a fun, enlightening and personalised experience.

Natasha McCloy, a fully certified and experienced Tarot reader and Palmist, can provide a wealth of insight into a range of parts of your life – from your career, relationships, finances and studies straight through to travel, lifestyle changes and more.

“By doing readings at your events – no matter how big or small – I can create a truly enjoyable, memorable and mystical experience for employees and/or guests,” says Natasha, who has received advanced training at some of the world’s most respected spiritual institutions, including Arthur Findlay College, the London College of Psychic Studies, the Chirology Centre, Treadwell’s Esoteric Bookshop, House of White, the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and the London School of Intuition and Healing.

Her training, experience and highly developed intuition enable her to give accurate, informative and comprehensive readings that provide knowledge and insight to promote personal growth and make the best decisions on various aspects of your life.

Readings can be given in a separate room or space, where guests visit Natasha one at a time for a private reading. For larger crowds, Natasha can do close up mini readings. Alternatively, she can bring along additional trained and recommended Tarot Readers, Crystal Healers, Mediums and other spiritual practitioners if that’s your request. 

Even if you aren’t having a work-related function, but are planning a dinner, engagement, birthday or hen party, a wedding, ladies’ night or sunny weekend braai, Tarot and palm readings can add some psychic sparkle to your festivities. If you are simply needing guidance for yourself, Natasha can do a comprehensive reading either in-person or virtually.

Over the years, Natasha’s clients have given her impressive reviews, including Logan, who writes: “Natasha takes the time to listen carefully and compassionately, and then starts her session. She is extremely accurate and detailed in her reading both of the palms and the tarots. She interacts real time with her guides and also encourages one to ask questions as she goes along. I would definitely recommend Natasha to anyone who needs assistance and guidance into the future.”

When doing a reading of the Tarot or palm, it’s important to ask focused questions because unfocused questions lead to unfocused answers. While you can have questions prepared, it can be useful to let follow up questions flow throughout your session. You can ask a variety of different questions about your life you’re seeking guidance on, including, but not limited to, “What area of my life is taking up too much of my attention?” “Which patterns or beliefs do I need to release?” “What is something I need to know in my relationships going forward?”, “How can I achieve a work-life balance?”, “How can I best handle a conflict with a friend or relative?”, “What will happen if I stay in my job?”, “Will I get married to my boyfriend?” and “Would it be a good idea to emigrate?” It doesn’t have to be all serious, you can ask fun questions too!

You can book readings by clicking on the Contact section of Natasha’s website at www.natashamccloy.com or emailing: contact@natashamccloy.com

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