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Clarifying any potential market confusion

The Good Life Show (GLS) takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) between 31 May and 02 June 2024.  This event has ‘organically’ evolved following the successful Plant Powered Show held at the same venue in May 2023 to become the Good Life Show incorporating four main pillars:  Plant Powered, Free From, Sustainex, and Natural & Organic.  The Good Life Show and all four pillars of the show’s sub events/categories are trademarks of Live Events (Pty) Ltd. Visitors to the Good Life Show pay one ticket to have access to all four sub events under the Good Life Show umbrella.  The Plant Powered Show was originally launched in 2020 as an online event when it was not possible to hold live events due to Covid restrictions.

This statement is intended to allay any confusion that may arise due to a booking accepted by the CTICC for a conflicting event that takes place one month before the Good Life Show’s May event.  While Live Events approached CTICC about the apparent double booking, the venue has stated in writing that one month’s time difference between two events, so similar that they are sure to cause confusion, was acceptable.

The recent booking of the Organic & Natural Products Expo (O&NPE) takes place in late April. Live Events affirms that it is not in any way affiliated with the O&NPE.  The GLS has been promoting its own ‘Natural & Organic’ section for the past four months.

Another reason that Live Events wants to dispel any possible confusion is because the O&NPE is deploying similar marketing material to that which is being used by Good Life Show to promote its own Natural & Organic show.

Further, Live Events is in contact with all its stakeholders, exhibitors, sponsors, and the media to clearly outline these facts, to provide relevant assurances, to reserve its intellectual property rights and to reaffirm its considerable market reputation and longevity.

If any of the media have any queries, they are requested to kindly contact either Live Events or CTICC for further comment.

Live Events (owner of The Good Life Show)

Heidi Warricker



Cody Madumbo


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