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Why doesn’t he call me?


by Milou Staub

Dear Self,

Remember that hilarious moment when I thought a “no” was just an invitation to prove him wrong? How do I deal with myself in situations like these, when all I hear is the complete opposite? I’ve been raised on the motto “never take no for an answer”; but I went full steam ahead, refusing to let go of what I thought was the grand prize. But here’s the funny part: the dude never even tried to challenge me, he was clear as day about his intentions from the get-go: “I’m not after a relationship, just some fun,” he said before we even met up.

Take that crystal clear, simple, straight-to-the-point statement and run it through the tangled web of my brain, and what do you get? “Oh, he totally likes me! He’s just pretending not to. Challenge accepted! I’ll show him how awesome I am, and he’ll come running, right?”

D-day finally arrived, and there it was: the chemistry, the flirting galore, the smiles, the kisses and all the things not so PG-13. As the night came to an end, I headed home, ready to spill all the details about my latest beau to my female entourage. I was convinced he was my forever man, of course, because who wouldn’t fall for me? After all, I’m the type of girlfriend that will help my boyfriend look for the chocolate I ate.

And then womp, womp, womp. Reality struck!

As time passed, his responses grew shorter, my “why doesn’t he call me?” questions grew larger and the reality of where we stood became obvious. It was a straightforward situationship, people! Destined never to become a relationship… gosh the horror! Why? Because he stayed true to his word, and I, well, I just refused to listen.

So, the joke’s on me,  and I ended up making a complete fool of myself. Lesson learned, moving on, and I pray to my spiritual guides: will you please help me to avoid making the same mistake again?

Ps: Be on the lookout for the next inBoundSA edition, featuring another cringeworthy dating tale.

Pss: What you’re reading are true stories, with a sprinkle of exaggeration added for your reading pleasure.

You’re welcome.

Note to future self: When they say they’re not looking for anything serious, believe them. It’s not a challenge to change their mind!

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