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Dear Self,


By Milou Staub

Remember when I was on a flight, minding my own business, scrolling through social media when suddenly, the guy who was about to make this plane ride a lot more interesting appeared? Tall, dark, and handsome, the classic trifecta. He flashed me a smile as he took the seat next to mine, and before I knew it, last night’s wish was unfolding before my eyes.

But let’s rewind to the previous evening when I had a heart-to-heart over dinner with an elderly gentleman. He amused me with a story about his wife, who once made a wish on New Year’s Eve. She shouted at the moon, declaring her readiness to meet someone that year. She wanted him to be outdoorsy, into photography, and fun. As fate would have it, a couple of months later, an adventurous photographer entered her life, and they lived happily ever after. The elderly gentleman insisted it was simple: ask, and you shall receive.

Beyond inspired and 99% convinced, I make my own wish under the full moon, out in the bush, during a work road trip: a request for an emotionally available, ambitious man with kind, smiling eyes. And if I have to be specific, I would LOVE for him to be called Christopher, my favourite name!

The next day, soaking in the energetic atmosphere of the airport, I wait until the last minute to board, enjoying people-watching. I notice this gorgeous-looking guy among the crowd, and as I board, fate intervenes, and seats him next to me. As he takes his seat, I can’t resist saying, “Hi, Christopher.” I don’t know who is more surprised, him or me, as these words come out of my mouth without permission from my brain!

He says, “Yes, I’m Christopher. How do you know my name?” Of course, he questions how I know his name, and of course, I tell a little white lie, choosing not to explain my out-of-the-ordinary activity from last night. In my panicked state, I resort to playful scepticism, demanding proof that he is indeed Christopher. “Look and see,” he says, showing me his boarding pass: Christopher. My internal freakout is now fully engaged, and it dawns on me that maybe, just maybe, the universe has a sense of humour!

I hand him my business card with shaky hands, trying to explain the pronunciation of my name amid my disbelief. But fate works in mysterious ways. Despite my initial nerves, Christopher and I strike up a brief conversation that lasts an awkward two minutes. Spoiler alert: Christopher then falls asleep, and, on landing, we part ways.

However, the following night, a message arrives: “Hey Milou, it’s Chris, the random dude on the plane. We should grab a drink sometime soon.” That message sent my heart racing faster than any plane descending for landing!

And so, as I eagerly anticipate what the future holds, I’m reminded of the wisdom of that elderly gentleman: Be careful what you wish for because you just might find it sitting beside you in row 14 of an aeroplane.

Takeaway tip: Keep your eyes open for unexpected connections. Sometimes, attraction is just a seat away. Make eye contact, say hello, and crack a smile—you never know where it might lead!

PS: Watch for the next Inbound edition, featuring another cringeworthy dating tale.

PPS: All you’re reading are true stories, with a sprinkle of exaggeration added for your reading pleasure.

Stay spicy

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