Home Inspiration Nominate your charity of choice to stand a chance of receiving a share of 20,000 blankets this winter

Nominate your charity of choice to stand a chance of receiving a share of 20,000 blankets this winter

As the chill of winter begins to settle in, Zunaid Moti, the renowned philanthropist and business magnate, has announced an ambitious initiative to provide warmth and comfort to those in need. A few weeks ahead of winter, Moti is launching the MotiMoves Winter Blanket Drive, with the goal of distributing 20,000 blankets valued at R3 million to various charitable organisations.

The MotiMoves program, founded by Moti, is a philanthropic effort dedicated to empowering South African youth through entrepreneurship. This initiative stands out by transforming the entrepreneurial scene with its free online business mentorship webinars and substantial investments in budding entrepreneurs. Beyond fostering business acumen, MotiMoves places a strong focus on supporting individuals and communities in critical areas such as education, health, and nutrition. The program has made significant contributions across various sectors, including education bursaries, sports, and the creative arts. Notably, MotiMoves has contributed over R10 million towards improving the lives of those in need, underscoring its commitment to social upliftment.

Recognising that thousands of families, many with small children, will soon have to bear the brunt of the cold winter months with little to no protection, Moti is again stepping up to make a difference.

“Winter can be an especially challenging time for many people, and it’s important for those of us who are able to lend a helping hand. I hope that, through this blanket drive, we will be able to spread some warmth and compassion, letting people know that they’re not alone in all of this, and that there will always be people willing to help,” he says.

To ensure that the blankets reach those who need them most, members of the public are invited to nominate their preferred charitable organisations to stand a chance of receiving a share of the donations. Nominations can be submitted through Moti’s official Instagram, X, TikTok, and Facebook pages, where followers can share their stories explaining the reasons their chosen charity deserves support.

The nomination process is designed to be inclusive and transparent, and all submissions will be reviewed carefully to ensure that donations are directed to organisations with a genuine need. Moti’s team will assess each nomination based on factors such as the charity’s mission, track record, and the communities it serves. Selected charities will then receive a portion of the donated blankets to distribute among their beneficiaries.

“By opening up the nomination process to the public, we hope to shine a light on the incredible work being done by the various charities in our communities and hopefully encourage others to support them as well. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing adversity, one blanket at a time,” Moti adds.

In addition to providing much-needed warmth, the MotiMoves Winter Blanket Drive aims to raise awareness about the importance of supporting vulnerable populations, particularly during the colder months. Moti hopes that the initiative will inspire others to take action and contribute to the well-being of their communities in whatever way they can.

For more information about the drive and how to nominate a charity, please visit Moti’s official social media pages.

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