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What does the beginning look like to you?

By Temo Mpodi

The beginning could be anything and could mean many things to diverse people. How you fathom things and draw to the start of things may only be understood by you. The beginning can look like what is the finishing point to somebody else.

It’s okay not to run with what the crowd is saying and veer from everyone else’s opinion. The beginning is defined by you, the beginning of every area of your life is defined by you. How do you look at things? What is your eye telling you? How is your current life looking like, to know if you are at the beginning or the end of things? These are the questions you must ponder if you aren’t sure of what a beginning looks like. According to Oxford languages though, beginning is the point in time or space at which something begins. Another definition is the first part or earliest stage of something. Remember when you first started school, which you probably don’t, that was the beginning of your education, that will go on to spark many things following it.

The beginning marks the birth of new things and change, it’s a seed, embrace it. We are still at the beginning of the year, lightly we just want to remind you that whatever you are doing is the seed and the beginning of what will be. Anyway, we all need a tic in our lives, we get fulfilled when starting things; projects, businesses, etc. We get energized, looking forward to tackling an exciting new project before us. Pouring into fresh things and giving them our attention, time and effort give us a sense of purpose. Many times, it isn’t comfortable and accommodating, you have to stretch yourself and go through the discomforts to win at it. It can be anything; closing a sales deal, it can be packing up to move to a new city, it can be deciding to take charge of your life and your goals, it can be writing down your goals, and truly setting yourself to achieve them. We all need it.

As you navigate your beginnings in life, we hope 2024 is the start of many beautiful things in your life; dreams, goals, and visions alike. We hope you know that it is okay to always start again and pace yourself in the best way possible to achieve what you have set for yourself. Now, all the best go rock, we will see you on the other side, winning and crushing those goals.

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