Home Inspiration Gliding from Pretoria to Bergamo: The Inspiring Journey of Philip Malan

Gliding from Pretoria to Bergamo: The Inspiring Journey of Philip Malan

Meet Philip Malan, a young, immensely talented figure skater with a sparkle in his eyes and ice beneath his feet. At just 12 years old, Philip, a Grade 7 learner at Curro Hazeldean Primary School in Pretoria, is set to represent Gauteng North as the region’s only male participant at the upcoming South African National Championships.

His journey doesn’t stop there, however: he’s aiming higher, aiming for the stars.

Philip’s opportunity to shine brighter comes in the form of a development training camp in Italy, but there’s a catch – he needs to raise the necessary funds to make this dream a reality.

Selected as one of only eight South African children to attend the prestigious camp at IceLab in Bergamo, northeast of Milan, Philip’s potential is undeniable. The IceLab, renowned for its innovative approach tailored to individual athletes, offers a comprehensive support system, including top-notch coaches, trainers, choreographers and mental coaches.

Philip’s passion for ice skating began in November 2021 when his parents gifted him a pair of figure skates. Joining Evolution on Ice in Pretoria, he found himself captivated from the get-go. His progress was rapid, earning him his level 1 skills certificate by January 2023 and paving his way to competitions. With dedication and relentless hard work, Philip’s commitment is unwavering – waking up at 4:00 each day to hit the ice rink by 5:00, balancing rigorous training sessions with school and extracurricular activities until late in the evening.

Philip’s achievements are not confined to solo skating: he’s also breaking barriers in pairs skating. Teaming up with Milané Gamberini since November 2022, they’re South Africa’s first pre-novice pair, showcasing exceptional talent and raising expectations for what’s to come.

The IceLab Camp in Italy holds immense importance for Philip’s development. His coach, Konrad Giering, stresses the necessity of professional coaching, especially given Philip’s relatively late start compared to many skaters. With aspirations to compete internationally, Philip’s talent, passion and determination are undeniable.

Dreaming big, Philip envisions a future where he combines his love for theatre, music and skating. From performing in Disney on Ice shows to composing his own music for figure-skating performances, his aspirations know no bounds.

Before Philip can soar to greater heights, however, he faces the challenge of raising approximately R40 000 for airfare, meals, and accommodation to attend the camp in Bergamo. With the support of his community and sponsors, Philip’s journey from Pretoria to Bergamo promises to be one filled with excitement, determination and the pursuit of greatness.

Who knows, perhaps Philip Malan is destined to become the Dricus du Plessis of figure skating!

For more information or to donate now to Philip’s fundraiser, visit: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/philip-malan-5841398513322792334

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