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The Body Shop’s Bespoke Community Fair Trade Programme


The Body Shop sources ethical, high-quality ingredients and accessories from producers, farmers, and artisans worldwide. Read more to learn about their Community Fair Trade Programme.

Launched in 1987, Community Fair Trade is The Body Shop’s bespoke, fair trade programme. It helps their suppliers gain market access and invest in social and environmental projects that further develop their communities, and it helps the brand fill their products with the good stuff!

Through this programme, they have been able to source ethical, high-quality ingredients, which is why they buy directly from the experts. Producers, farmers, and artisans around the globe share their incredible local wisdom and ritual traditions, and together with the brand, they strive to create positive social and environmental change.


The Body Shop chooses to work with suppliers who share their pioneering spirit and vision for a better future. Not only are these suppliers Changemakers within their communities, but their hardworking, natural-origin ingredients are what make The Body Shop’s high-quality products so special.

The brand seeks out expert producers, rural farming cooperatives, and traditional artisans who are experts in their field and are helping to protect their local environment by utilising their natural resources in responsible ways.



Since 1994, The Body Shop has continued to source Community Fair Trade shea butter from the Tungteiya Women’s Association in Northern Ghana. Over 600 women from 11 rural villages handcraft shea butter using an 18-stage process of traditional techniques, passed from mother to daughter for generations.

Their partnership with the Tungteiya Women’s Association has enabled its members to take charge of their own futures through improving financial stability with business and marketing skills training, shea nut warehouse management, and increasing self-confidence. The association is also regenerating shea parklands with training, restoring degraded land, and setting up community-based nurseries to nurture shea and other tree seedlings.


Community Fair Trade is more than just how The Body Shop sources its ingredients. It benefits all of us. The Body Shop gets direct access to high-quality ingredients and accessories from around the world, which means your purchase benefits people and communities worldwide, and you get a hardworking product that you can enjoy.


Find out how The Body Shop is fighting for a fairer and more beautiful world.


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