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Poised to Revolutionize the Beauty Industry for Good – New Superfood Make Up Cover Balms from Eco Diva Natural

A 100% Natural Functional Make-Up Foundation that Covers, Protects & Repairs.

If it’s flawless, silky-smooth, even-toned glowing skin you’re after, look no further than clean (in-every-way) South African skincare brand Eco Diva Natural, as they take their superfood healing skincare a giant leap forward and introduce their new pioneering Superfood Make-Up Cover Balm set.

If you’re a toxin-free skincare enthusiast and already a conscious shopper, who checks the INCI ingredients on all your products, you’ll be over-the-moon to discover these utterly unique and first of this kind, make-up foundation cover balms,  that not only creates flawless coverage, they also offer sun protection. An important note is how the ingredients aren’t just about covering, they’re also packed with powerful superfoods, vitamins and antioxidants that work on your behalf as functional make-up –  so your skin is consistently being hydrated, rejuvenated and re-charged as you wear it. The foundation lasts a good 8 hours and looks like you aren’t wearing make-up at all.

To add to that overflowing basket of super-charged goodness, the texture of the make-up feels like silk.

This is one of Eco Diva’s finest creations that is deeply thought-through, and so ethically created, that the energy behind it makes you feel and look  ‘naturally-me confident’.

‘What  my team and I are loving about our new superfood make-up, is that because it looks like you aren’t even wearing make-up, our male customers are enjoying the fact that they can cover up blemishes and look flawless and no-one knows.” says Nicole Sherwin, the creator and inspiration behind Eco Diva Natural, who healed and rebalanced her skin conditions; pigmentation, adult acne and rosacea through superfood skin nutrition.

“Our customers have been so thrilled with the results our superfood functional skincare is offering, that the next natural progression was functional make-up. Rather than being counter-intuitive with people wearing non-natural make-up ( that will continually mess with your skin pH), instead, continues to heal their skin as the next layer & barrier protector. It’s like skincare layering that keeps on giving.” Nicole says.

The new Superfood Make-Up Set comes in a beautiful hand-crafted box that reminds you every day to #FLY -FirstLoveYourself, the slogan that has been Eco Diva’s hashtag for 5 years, that represents self-love and self-care. Inside the box you’ll find their 4 base foundation colours that, when blended together, on their über- fabulous bamboo painter’s palette, offers that ‘perfect-every-shade’ for every skin colour. You’ll also find an easy tutorial on how to shadow, highlight and contour your face.  This magical set is for all skin tones and for all genders to be able to mix, match and blend to your perfect colour.

The 4 colours; Maca, Baobab, Chia & Cacao are named after the superfoods that lead the healing charge in each colour balm.

The Eco Diva Superfood Make-Up set includes:

4 x Base colours:

 – Maca: Nordic skin tone / creamed honey / highlighting

 – Baobab: Mediterranean skin tone / warm beige / lightening

 – Chia: Indian Ocean skin tone / sun-kissed tan / shadowing

 – Cacao: African skin tone / rich brown / contouring

1 x Washable bamboo artist palette

2 x Wooden artist scraper tools

1 x Shading & highlighting tutorial

Ever get clogged pores from make-up? Not this beauty. She’s a multi-functional foundation that creates a flawless complexion whilst allowing your skin to breathe so there are never any clogged pores.

So what exactly is this make-up?

It’s flawless cover balm.

It’s sun protection.

It’s BB cream balm.

It’s breathable foundation.

It’s highlighting & contouring.

It’s shadowing and defining.

It’s 100% natural.

It feeds skin with superfood nutrients while it covers & protects.

For those of you experiencing skin conditions (psoriasis, pigmentation, premature ageing, acne, rosacea, eczema), you’ll be relieved to know that a solution is at hand. The ethos behind Eco Diva Natural is to heal and re-balance any form of skin condition by removing toxic chemicals from your skin and replacing them with plant-powered superfoods like maca, baobab, cacao & chia and skin feeding nutrients like hyaluronic acid, vitamins C,A & E, antioxidants & squalene. These very potent ingredients assist in healing and re-balancing the skin pH so that you only ever experience healthy, glowing skin.

So if you’re a newby to clean vegan skincare and just switching over to zero-chemicals on your skin, then this make-up set is the next best thing in your cosmetic artillery. Eco Diva Natural is all about the art of deep self-care and self-healing. They have a 3-pronged approach with focus on 1. skin health, 2. gut health & 3. mental/emotional health. The results they garner with their clients are truly life-changing.

More info on the product: https://ecodiva.co.za/products/supefood-make-up-foundation-set-with-spf15?_pos=1&_psq=superfood%20make-up&_ss=e&_v=1.0

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