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Introducing EasyGlow, the game-changer that’s here to simplify your travel & makeup regime

Are you exhausted from lugging around your luxurious, costly makeup brushes while traveling? Packing them can be a real hassle, and it requires so much space to keep them protected. Not to mention all your colour palettes… Whatever happened to the idea of simplicity and traveling light?

Enter EasyGlow – a portable, timesaving, space-saving fool proof makeup product that allows anyone to contour and highlight effortlessly, with shades perfectly suited to their complexion. This one-of-a-kind product makes contouring and highlighting quick and easy, allowing women to spend less time doing their makeup, without compromising on their look.

Looking to incorporate an additional feature into your versatile 4-in-1 portable tool? Use it as eyeshadow to contour and highlight your eyes. Simply pack a small eyeshadow brush, and you’re all set for those vacation selfies. Yet another item you don’t have to worry about packing.

A four-in-one product, EasyGlow features a contouring brush, highlighting brush, contour colour and highlight colour, all conveniently stored in one innovative, portable unit. To use the product, simply remove one of the magnetic colour caps to expose a brush. The black brush is used for contouring and the white brush for highlighting, to avoid mixing colours and prolong the life of your brushes. Sweep the brush across the colour and apply to your skin. Voilà! A beautiful, chiselled look created in under 60 seconds!

The brushes are imported from Italy and feature Dermocura® fibres, the most advanced synthetic bristles available. Like natural hair, but better. The bristles have a conical shape to allow for seamless product application, especially for first-time users. The unit is refillable, meaning you can replace your empty contour and highlight colour caps without having to purchase a new EasyGlow unit. This portable unit is convenient to travel with and to carry in your handbag for touch-ups during the day.

But how do you choose your shades? The EasyGlow team understands the need for easy colour-matching, which is why they created an ultra-simple online quiz to help you find your perfect shade based on your skin tone and undertone. The quiz takes just 30 seconds to complete and reveals your optimal EasyGlow contour and highlight colour match – no more guessing!

EasyGlow is the brainchild of local businesswoman, entrepreneur and mom, Carlie Lubbe. As a busy working mom (a former optometrist and beauty salon owner), Carlie has always loved a life hack – if it saved her time and money, she was interested! It was this desire for convenience and simplicity that led her to the development of EasyGlow.

“I have always enjoyed looking my best, but I definitely don’t have a ton of time to spend doing it. A few of my friends would often ask how long it takes to apply my makeup. They would laugh when I say ‘only 5 minutes’. When you know what to do and how to do it, it is easy. That inspired me to make it easier for all. And that’s how EasyGlow started. I wanted to simplify makeup.”

And so, the EasyGlow story began. Carlie set out on a three-year journey to design and manufacture a product that would help other busy moms, like herself, achieve their best makeup look without needing the skills of a makeup artist. She worked with an industrial design team to come up with an inventive mechanism that’s never been seen before. Countless prototypes were tested and tweaked until the final EasyGlow unit was revealed. The result was a simple-to-use, innovatively designed unit that houses four makeup products in one – the first of its kind.

Carlie is passionate about helping women overcome the intimidation that so many still feel towards makeup application, especially when it comes to contouring and highlighting.

With EasyGlow, anyone can contour and highlight like a pro – wherever you choose to go!

Complete the quick EasyGlow quiz to find your perfect shade: here

EasyGlow is available for purchase online here.

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