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Local star Alba Vorster back from Hollywood with new single, Gone 4 Good

The young, South African singer and actress, Alba Vorster is a rising international superstar. The
girl with the golden voice has just recorded and released her first single GONE 4 GOOD

Gone 4 Good was co-written by renowned music producer Manny Mijares, Tyler Conti, Lionchld,
Jak Shiloh and South African singer songwriter Stefan Benz in Los Angeles, California. Manny also
produced the song with Jak Shiloh.

The song is about the ending of a relationship, says the 15-year-old singer from Gauteng, South

“The person kind of begs you to stay in the relationship, albeit romantic or a platonic friendship,
but you just know it’s better to rather walk away from it,” Alba explains the theme of the song.

The singer recently returned to Los Angeles to film the vibey and fun music video for Gone 4
Good. The video was directed by Manny Mijares and produced by Imaginative Media.

“In the first scenario I am telling a very emotional story of how I feel about the relationship. The
second scenario almost looks like an American prom night or party.”

Alba says she learnt a lot about the music industry and how the inner workings differ in the USA
compared to South Africa.

“American producers have different method of working compared to South African producers.

American producers like to work at night in stead of during the day. Producers and songwriters
also like working together in groups.”

American producers also don’t really plan ahead, says Alba. “Everything happens at the drop of
a hat but when it does, it’s magical!”

Alba says her biggest musical inspiration is Taylor Swift. She plans on touring as much as possible
internationally and to practice and develop her instrumental and songwriting skills even more.

Her advice to other young and upcoming artists is to keep on working hard and to do what you

“Not everyone will always like you, but keep working because in the end you will live out your
dreams. Consistency is key.

Alba was approached by dr. Ellen Roux to participate in the South African championships of performing arts (SACOPA).

Alba was offered an international record deal by Upscale Records after Manny Mijares saw her
performing during the World championships of performing arts (WOCOPA) in Los Angeles.

The WOCOPA is described as the Olympic Games for dancers, singers, actors, models and
instrumentalists. Altogether 28 countries participated.

Filming two music videos and doing interviews for Fab TV, a popular YouTube-channel, as well
as meeting the famous Alectra, Ava Kolker, Amira Harvey, McKenzie Brooke, Reif Harrison and
Jordan Palani, also counts as career highlights.

Upscale Records also offered the South African singer Stefan Benz an international record deal.
Alba counts working with this young artist as one of the highlights during her recent trip to the

The two South African artists worked together in the studio in Los Angeles, with the multi-talented
Stefan co-writing one of Alba’s upcoming songs. They also bumped into each other when Alba
filmed the music video for the song.

“Stefan told me that he really misses real South African milk tart. I am going to ask my
grandmother to teach me how to bake a milk tart for the next time I visit with Stefan!” laughs

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