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The “Taylor Swift Effect”: Navigating the Concert Craze

Music moves people. Literally. Just look at the whirlwind that is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Swifties across the globe are packing their bags, booking flights, and turning concerts into travel adventures.

“Concerts are impacting the entire travel industry. Hotels bookings are surging, and local economies are getting a boost,” comments Antoinette Turner, GM of Flight Centre South Africa.

Data crunchers at Lighthouse have been tracking the “Taylor Swift Effect” on hotel prices across 13 North American tour stops. They’ve highlighted a jump of 7.7% in room rates the month before Swift’s arrival, compared to the same time the previous year. And it doesn’t stop there. During the concert month, prices remain elevated, sitting 7.2% higher than the year before.

So, you’re one of the lucky ones and you’ve bagged a ticket? Well, whether you’ll be chanting “Long Live” in the nosebleeds or simply trying to navigate a world suddenly painted Taylor-Swift-red, Flight Centre South Africa is here to guide you.

Money-Saving Tips for Concert Goers: Stretch Your Rand, Not Your Budget

  • Plan ahead and score the best deals: The sooner you secure your flights and accommodation, the more options you’ll have, and the less you’ll likely pay.
  • Think outside the box (and the city centre): Consider booking accommodation in a nearby town or suburb and taking public transport to the concert venue.
  • Choose alternative travel routes: For example, if attending a concert in Paris, you could fly into Amsterdam and head to Brussels (make the most out of a multi-destination visit!) before stopping for the big event in the City of Love and flying back to SA from Spain. This will also help you maximise your Schengen visa.
  • Embrace the sharing economy: Why go solo when you can share the fun (and the costs)? Consider splitting accommodation with fellow fans, carpooling to the venue (be sure to pre-book your Uber or taxi!), or even organising a group outing to take advantage of group discounts on tours and activities.

Travel During Peak Concert Times: Your Guide to Beating the Crowds

While the Taylor Swift Effect” is positive for the travel industry, it can create challenges for non-Swiftie travellers. Here are some tips from our experts:

  • Be flexible: If possible, consider shifting your trip a few days before or after the concert.
  • Think beyond the plane: While direct flights are the most convenient option, they won’t be the most practical during concert season. Explore alternatives, such as train travel or a scenic road trip after landing at a nearby city.
  • Give yourself more visa leeway: A high volume of visa applications means there’s a potential for delays, so get started on yours early.
  • Take advantage of Flight Centre’s expertise: Our experts specialise in finding alternative routes, suggesting hidden gems, and securing the best flight and accommodation deals for you.

The “Taylor Swift Effect” is real – a reminder that concerts and travel have a lot in common. They’re about shared moments, new connections, and the unexpected adventures that unfold along the way.

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