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Nomcebo’s “Izono Zami” is buzzing

By Temo Mpodi

She told us there was a new song coming. We listened, we approved. And we’re not the only ones. Grammy Award winner Nomcebo’s new song “Izono Zami” is creating quite a buzz on social media. One tweet said “Nomcebo Zikode’s music is life, man. I mean the #IzonoZami is out of this world.” All the comments we came across had a positive ring to them- impressive. Another said, “Waking up to beautiful music. What more can you ask for #single #IzonoZami. This woman can sing.”

Speaking to InBound SA, she says she creates songs based on how she feels and where she is mentally. At the time, she says she was in a very dark space. “I realised that my solution to all my pain has always been praying to God. I believe He is all-knowing of all our sins, pains and troubles. I wrote this song to show the masses that we are human too, but He never fails us “akehluleki”.

She appreciates that even during her break, people have been anxious to hear from her. “It’s great to see people relate to the message in my music!”. She adds that, while she wants to represent South African sound and culture around the world, she also wants to link it to entrepreneurship. As a female record label owner, she wants to give young artists the opportunities she never had, creating a positive space for more women to be in power. Nomcebo listens to Whitney Houston, Busi Mhlongo and Tshepo Tshola but also has a thing for Beyonce, Teni, Khadja Nin and Salif Keita. “My favourite song right now is by Nomcebo Zikode”, She told Inbound SA.

However, Nomcebo will always be remembered as the young singer who created a global hype with “Jerusalema”. Some even called it the “lockdown anthem”. Despite the global attention the song received, not to mention a whole Grammy Award, Nomcebo has remained humble. She is, after all, still a wife, a mother, a musician and a record label owner of Emazulwini Productions.

She mentions that each of these responsibilities comes with its own problems and joys, but she feels very privileged to perform her music around the world. “I feel very blessed that I have audiences in places such as France, Germany, Spain and Brazil.” IB

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