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Leboto: The Motswako Maverick on a quest to add to Shaping the Rap Scene in Southern Africa


Youth Day on June 16 commemorates the Soweto uprising in 1976 and celebrates young people succeeding in various fields. Leboto Moshoeshoe (24) is a young person on the rise flourishing as a rapper, content creator and a Junior Copywriter at The PR AND BRAND NETWORK in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is also a university graduate holding a BA Honors in Theatre and Performance.

Originating from Thabana Morena, Lesotho, the young rapper has consistently demonstrated a free-spirited and experimental nature from a very young age. Throughout his high school years, while his peers were focused on becoming actors, directors and other creative professionals, Leboto embraced new opportunities with an open mind, eager to explore various avenues within the creative field. This mindset has allowed him to navigate his career with flexibility and curiosity, setting him apart from many of his classmates.

In 2016, the young rapper adopted a unique Instagram name, Ntatao inspired by the trends of the time, ideally marking his place as an authoritative creative into the creative space. Over the next few years, he delved into various forms of artistic expression, ultimately discovering a passion for stand-up comedy around 2018. Stand-up allowed him to combine his love for wordplay and writing with a platform for comedic performance.

Leboto’s creative journey is a testament to his willingness to experiment and his love for the arts. His diverse skill set, ranging from acting and rapping to comedy and copywriting—reflects his commitment to exploring and developing his talents in multiple domains.

He began his education at Tiny Tots and Maseru Prep School in Lesotho but soon moved to South Africa, where he attended boarding school at St. Patrick’s College in Kimberley. This period, spanning from ages 10 to 17, was crucial for his development during adolescence. The combined experiences of living seven years in Kimberley and 10 years in Lesotho exposed Leboto to a rich diversity of cultures and environments. This mixed upbringing allowed him to adapt easily to different settings. Throughout primary school and later in Kimberley, he was surrounded by peers from various cultural backgrounds, including Chinese, Muslim Pakistani, and Irish.

After completing his education at St. Patrick’s College, Leboto pursued higher education at Wits University, recently completing an Honors degree in Theatre and Performance. This diverse educational and cultural journey has significantly influenced his personal and academic growth.

Leboto’s journey to becoming a Sesotho artist has been both transformative and deeply personal. Although he has always had a creative spirit, it was only recently that he embraced his identity as Sesotho artistic in the music sphere. This realisation has significantly elevated his work, influencing both his self-expression and how his audience receives his music. He aims to be a leading voice in the 21st century, demonstrating to others how to innovate and push boundaries in the arts. It’s inspiring to see the growing support from the community and government for artists like him, making it a beautiful time to be part of this creative evolution. His passion and vision are clear, and it’s exciting to see where this journey will take him.

Leboto acknowledges artists who are already representing Lesotho on a global scale and doing exceptionally well. However, he also desires to join their ranks and contribute even more to showcasing Lesotho’s talent and culture to the world. With admiration for those who have paved the way, he seeks to add his unique voice and perspective to the global stage, aiming to make an impactful contribution to the international recognition of Lesotho’s artistic prowess and cultural richness.

The young rapper’s creative spark ignites from a deep well of honesty, drawing inspiration from his personal narrative and the world around him. His journey underscores the transformative power of authenticity, propelling his craft to new heights and forging a genuine connection with his audience. Through his music, he articulates truths that resonate profoundly, earning admiration for his raw, unfiltered approach to storytelling.

Leboto, a rising star in the rap scene, has been captivating audiences in Lesotho and South Africa with his smooth performances. He has graced the stages of prominent spaces like Cuban Linx, Panda, Elibo, Rock Your Team, The Cool Table and The Scorpion Kings Mogodu Monday in Lesotho. In South Africa, he has curated his own shows through project and album listening sessions, often collaborating with other artists. His performances at the Untitled Basement stand out as some of his most notable.

Leboto’s journey as a rapper reached a significant milestone when his second mixtape, Fighting Futility, charted in the top 200 albums on Apple Music. This achievement marked a turning point in his career, garnering him attention on platforms such as SlikourOnLife, Daily Capsule, and Okay Africa, where his song “Busquets Calm” was listed among the top 10 best South African tracks for April 2024. He has also been featured on DJ Switch’s podcast and mentioned on Revolt Network’s The Sobering Podcast, further cementing his presence in the music industry.

His music is a powerful expression of the human experience, drawing heavily from his own life and the cultural narrative of a Mosotho artist in a foreign land. Unlike acting, which follows a scripted path, rap offers Leboto an unfiltered outlet to craft his own narrative and connect deeply with his audience. Embracing the tradition of Motswako, he brings the richness of the Sesotho language to his music, carving out a unique space in the rap genre.

Leboto’s adeptness at blending his professional expertise with his musical passion is truly impressive. By harnessing the tools and exercises from his professional life to fuel his creativity in the rap arena, he has uncovered a symbiotic relationship that elevates both his professional endeavors and his musical pursuits. This fusion of skills not only enriches his craft but also fortifies his overall writing prowess, enabling him to thrive in multiple spheres concurrently.

To listen to Leboto’s music, you can click on the links below:


Apple Music:




If you would like to book Leboto to perform at an event, email Thandiwe McCloy at: thandiwe@prandbrandnetwork.africa or contact: 083 696 6597

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