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The luxe and vibrancy of SA Tourism

By Temo Mpodi

South Africa beams with luxury and colour in every province, and that’s something it hasn’t shied away from for years. The world is heavily picking on it, making South Africa one of the best destinations for travel and tourism. Taking us to the hashtag, I love South Africa, #IloveSouthAfrica.

Luxury Trains

If you have never been in a luxury train, this might just be a sign for you to hop on and take some time away in that luxurious train with a comfortable modern luxury suite set-up, just like in a luxury hotel. South Africa lacks nothing and its full of experiences that other countries can’t offer, adding this colour and energy to their Tourism spectrum. Rovos Rail even offers trips outside SA. Imagine the mountain views, the blue oceans, the greenery, and all the nature in a slow-motion sight. Try it, South Africa is just an absolute exquisite touristic space to experience.

Luxury Hotels

Adding to the above, a favoured land where luxury meets vibrancy, with highly luxurious and well-built hotels, placing it’s tourism rating on high. Its easy to imagine yourself waking up in an opulent hotel or lodge, with a great view and great breakfast, and easily find yourself truly waking up to it the next day, because the availability and proximity of great hotels are that good. We think some of the hotels like Tsogo Sun, Anew, Southern Sun, The Alton. O’Two Hotel, oh! the list is mightily endless.

Luxury Cuisine

Travel experiences only make sense if the food is great. South Arica has a variety of cuisines, even traditional ones. Let’s just say South Africa is rich in all ways. The country’s cosmopolitan cities, like Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban pulse with a dynamic mix of cultures and cuisines. Apart from its local servings within its culture, like Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, Tsonga, Ndebele etc, it offers Portuguese cuisine, Indian cuisine, Nigerian cuisine, Mozambican cuisine, the list is just endless. This makes South Africa one of the best foodie spaces you will ever come across. Ms Hanellie Du Toit best said it at Africa’s Travel Indaba 2024, when she said, they want to eat our food, they want to experience our culture, they want to interact with us, and they want to wear our clothes.

Luxury Brands

Talking of clothes, South Africa is also a beacon in the fashion, design and interior luxury industries, no doubt. Collaborations through fashion brands that have placed themselves on the international sphere sell South Africa. They make African and international people want to know more about the culture, roots, its dynamics, and what it offers beyond the designs. Take for example the likes of David Tlale, Thebe Magugu, Gert Coetzee, Maxhosa, Rich Mnisi, Donald Nxumalo etc. They are placing the county on a high pedestal.

One thing, we are sure South Africa leaves people longing to discover and experience more. The magic of SA Tourism, is easily a feast for the eyes and the soul.

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