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Smooches: SA’s new premier online dating platform for those after a serious relationship


Are you looking for Mr Right (not Mr Right-now)?; in search of the missus of your dreams that to date has seemed elusive? Tired of the same-old same-old swiping right mechanism that may yield instant gratification but nothing real?

In a digital age dominated by casual dating apps and fleeting connections, Smooches, a new online platform, has emerged to transform the way South Africans approach finding love. Developed by South Africans, for South Africans, Smooches is tailored to those who are serious about building meaningful and lasting relationships – not just casual dating or hook-ups.

It’s about substance, not superficiality… Smooches was created by two professionals with extensive experience in relationships and online dating. The platform is the innovative vision of a former ‘serial searcher for the perfect partner’ and businessman, Ruahan Naudé, and his wife, Dr. Lize Naudé, who is a psychologist renowned for her expertise in relationship dynamics, with private practices in Gauteng.

Dr. Lize meticulously crafted both the algorithm and the comprehensive set of questions that form the backbone of Smooches, ensuring that matches are based on fundamental compatibility rather than superficial traits. The almost 200-strong questionnaire ensures that all bases are covered and that you are only matched with those who are like-minded. Not interested in kids? Check that box. Have a healthy sexual appetite with non-negotiable needs that are to be met? Noted. Prefer hiking on a Saturday morning to sleeping in and bingeing Netflix? Done! Smooches’ pre-application process ensures that you are able to outline your ideal partner in thorough detail, so that when you are matched all of the important questions are already out of the way.

Smooches differentiates itself from other dating apps by prioritising depth and substance in its matching process. The platform uses detailed information gathered through carefully constructed questions across 11 key categories: language, ethnicity, age, religion, income, qualifications, habits, interests, physical appearance, personality, and desirability. Additionally, users can specify up to 10 deal-breakers – non-negotiable attributes they seek in a partner – to further refine their matches.

Moreover, Smooches is a platform built on trust and security. One of its standout features – following the initial questionnaire to establish your needs and wants in a partner – is its rigorous identity verification process. After registration, users undergo an online meeting to confirm their identity. This process includes a short introductory video and verification of uploaded profile photos. This stringent verification ensures that all members are genuine, fostering an environment of trust and transparency.

And, in a world where online privacy is paramount, Smooches ensures that user profiles and photos remain private and are only visible to verified matches. This prevents unauthorised access and ensures that users can search for their perfect partner with confidence and peace of mind. Smooches employs advanced encryption and data protection measures, ensuring a safe and secure dating experience.

At the end of the day, Smooches’ aim is to make the search for a serious relationship both enjoyable and effective. The platform is user-friendly and personalised, catering to the unique needs and preferences of its members. Unlike many dating apps that focus on casual dating or hook-ups, Smooches is dedicated to helping users find meaningful connections that lead to lasting relationships.

As Smooches launches, it invites South Africans who are serious about finding their perfect partner to join the platform and experience a new era of online dating. By focusing on compatibility, privacy, and security, Smooches is setting a new standard for what a dating platform should be. Are you ready to find your true match? Right this way… www.smooches.co.za

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