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Hun! You still need sunscreen for winter


You might wonder, why apply sunscreen when the sun isn’t blazing? Even during winter, sunscreen is essential. It’s one of the most costless regimes for anti-ageing. The aging process doesn’t pause for one season and resume in another. Research also shows that about 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are due to UV exposure, which you still encounter in winter. So, sunscreen helps reduce this cancer risk. Plus, harmful UV rays from your phone also affect your skin, and we use our phones every day. But here are some sunscreens I’ve tried and recommend.

SUN Protect Anti-Ageing SPF50 Face Cream

Buy this Sun protect face cream once, and you will never ever look back, that’s what happened to me. I knew nothing about this sunscren, nobody didn’t lure me and influence me to buy it. I was just minding my own cosmetics business in Clicks ad I saw this on the shelf. What intrigued me was spf 50, anti-ageing and collagen, and I had been looking for something that was infused with the three, so I didn’t think twice, and the results were just amazing. It just does the work and gives you that glow on top.

SUN Protect SPF50 Face Cream 50ml

SPF 50 please? and it’s a yes. This is the first ever  sunscreen I put my hands on. This Clicks Sun Protect SPF 50 Face Cream is normally sold out in most Clicks outlets, and I understand why. Apart from providing a high-level of protection from the damaging effects of the scorching sun, it’s water resistant and easy on the skin, different skin types actually. Feel free to try it.

NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture SPF50+ Sunscreen

Some beauty brands get their products perfectly, ad I must say Nivea did that with this sunprotect, that incredibly moisturises skin. One of the things we have loathed so much about sunscreen is the white residual that is left after applying it onto the skin, and we assure you that, this sunscreen beats that whilst aso leaving a non-greasy feel to the skin.

Dermopal Sunscreen SPF30

This works for many, even my cousin, and she finds herself buying three or more of dermopal sunscreens. Which isn’t so normal, because the shop is still going to restock so she can relax. But she loves it so much she doesn’t want to risk not having it at all. However, that’s not my story, after finding so many reviews on social media from beauty influencer pages, I was certain it was going to work for me too, but it didn’t. Instead, I developed rush and pimples on my face, so I kissed it goodbye soon. If I was to influence you, I would say try it and see if it marries your face well, you just have to keep on rubbing it to get that white effect blending with your skin. I still want to try it again to be honest!

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