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From Retreat to France: Marc Lottering’s Hilarious Paris Faux Pas

From packing too few clothes and appearing in front of his fans with an outfit he wore a few days earlier, to getting the French he knew mixed up, Marc Lottering’s recent trip to the most romantic city in the world was an experience ro remember!

Celebrities will tell you, wearing the same outfit in front of the flashing cameras is a big fashion no-no! But Cape Town comedian Marc Lottering (55) did not have enough space in his suitcase for extra clothes or enough time to prepare.

“We were still in London with my show when Anwar (his husband) suggested we go to Paris. We have never been. And we still had a few months left on our visas. So, we travelled to Paris before heading back home.

Phone app saves the day
“But I mos now didn’t pack enough clothes. Everyday I went on social media and did a video for my followers, but it became challenging to check what was I wearing two days earlier when I posted. So, I said to Anwar, wait I have a plan. On my phone is a filter that changes your clothes or colour,” says Marc. Problem solved.

“Also, in the days leading up to our trip, I learnt a few French words because some of my friends said the French sometimes get upset when you can’t speak their language. I learnt bonjour is what you say during the day and bonsoir is good evening. I studied my m**r off.

“We get to this restaurant one evening. I might have had one too many. Jirrie, and here I ‘bonjour’ the people. I might have said a few other words that did not fit into the conversation. Fortunately, the people that we were with did not take offence. But next time, I will be better prepared,” said Marc.

Marc says he had created a very different idea of France in his mind. “I thought it was only white people who lived there but there were a lot of black people. As a child, I always thought I would never get to go to Paris. But as an adult, and having been to the city, I now realise the world is small.”

“Jy gat jouself laat maak”
The couple have decided not to live on budget meals and experiences when they go on overseas holidays anymore.

“Look here, you go to these foreign cities with the Lord telling you ‘don’t even window shop’. Jy gat jouself laat maak (You couldn’t be more wrong). But we stopped living on a budget. We wanted to eat lekker,” says Marc. “You only live once. I always say, live like you are going to die. You will look at life differently and treat people nicer.”

The comedian, who is currently on a national tour with his latest show, So I wrote that musical, says he has come to realise that South Africa is the safest place for him. His bucket list, however, is not done yet. Mozambique is a place he wants to visit as well as Italy. “You must mos go to Italy for the pizza, they say.” Far down the list is Portugal. “My friends are telling me I will like Portugal.”

But for now, his focus is on his comedy show, “So I wrote that musical” that runs from 22 November until 6 January 2024 at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town.

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