Home Design Renovation trends…What will 2023 bring?

Renovation trends…What will 2023 bring?

As the beginning of a new year fast approaches, analysts and experts share the next hottest trends that architects, designers and property owners can expect to inform trends in a range of industries – from tech to clothing, travel, décor and more as they apply to home design, renovation, and DIY.

Orlando Luis

Orlando Luis, CEO of Brights Hardware, a leading independent hardware retailer, shares some insights on what South Africans can expect in 2023 when it comes to DIY, home maintenance, upgrades, and renovating.

Going green is growing
A trend that is going to continue to gain traction next year is greener homes, with more people looking at fresh and additional ways to adopt more sustainable principles in their homes. In this light we will continue to see new and innovative “green” products hitting the shelves in hardware stores.

Examples include products like the Waterform smart water management systems, which make rainwater harvesting easy and hassle free. All the components of these systems are also manufactured from recycled waste diverted from oceans and landfills. Greywater systems will also be in demand as South Africans attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Another example of a product that will see more demand in the coming year is the Thermo-Solutions roof insulation which is manufactured from recycled plastic drinking bottles. Each Thermo-Solutions Roof Insulation roll averages around 360 bottles per roll that would have ended up in landfill. Having a well-insulated home also means that you require less energy to heat and cool the space.

Things heat up for solar energy
In keeping with going green, but also now a massively growing trend in SA due to loadshedding, 2023 will see more homes install solar energy systems. Solar lighting is a renewable source of light that is reliable and saves you money in the long run.

In terms of product development, we will continue to see new solutions coming to market – enhancing the selection already on offer in terms of outdoor and sensor lighting, rechargeable light bulbs, portable lighting, etc. Likewise, solar geysers will become increasingly popular for the same reasons.

Staying with the trend of reducing demand on the electricity grid, I believe 2023 will continue to see a spike in the number of households changing their geysers to tankless water heaters, which only heat as needed, as opposed to keeping a reservoir of water hot for long periods of time, as geysers do – these are very energy efficient and save on costs. Gas alternatives will also be in demand.

Generating innovative new solutions
Generators will remain a much-desired purchase for South Africans in 2023 due to ongoing power cuts. In response to this demand, manufacturers such as Red Rhino are creating innovative new options such as the silent dual fuel inverter gas generator, which uses either LP gas or petrol and is silent when in use, and so is an option for those living in townhouse complexes and even apartments with balconies or patios.

Unattached and uncomplicated – cordless tools power ahead
Tool trends continue to see everything go cordless and this will remain the case in 2023. Going battery powered means getting rid of the hassle of plugs and long extension cords when working with power tools – plus if your batteries are charged you can continue to work through loadshedding.

Most power tools work off the same 18V battery platform and these batteries are interchangeable. From impact drills to circular saws, glue guns to screwdrivers – these are all available in cordless versions and most new power tools entering the market are cordless. This even includes power tools for gardening such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws and even lawn mowers.

Cost (cutting) is key
Overall, trends in consumer buying habits have shown that price is key, and manufacturers will need to be sure to keep bringing products to market in 2023 that meet the needs of the budget conscious.

For example, we have seen brands such as Plascon and Dulux developing cheaper to midrange paint solutions that are doing well amongst the selection.

Smart homes will remain
a bright idea Another exciting home trend for 2023 will see more people creating smart homes which are automated and controlled via the home-owners’ smart devices.

At Brights we have already seen a spike in demand for such products, and the Xiaomi range of home automation devices continues to grow in popularity. Automated homes are also more environmentally friendly as lights and appliances can be programmed to switch off when not in use, saving on electricity and reducing the load on the grid.

More South Africans doing
it for themselves 2023 will also see more South Africans embracing DIY, and in particular, women, who are tapping into the consumer trend towards increasing self-resilience and reliance.

The DIY movement allows people to save money, get the job done quickly without waiting for a contractor, and provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment at a job self-done. At Brights we have made a point of welcoming and assisting women who come into our stores – and even have a special ladies only rewards card for our female customers, and look forward to this as a growing trend in 2023

Brights hardware stores have on-site experts branches and an online store. Visit www.brights.co.za

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