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RHOD reality star Slee Ndlovu

“I’m not broke and I’m not a man-stealer”

Her fellow cast members on The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) called her broke, always borrowing money from friends. But Wendy “Slee” Ndlovu (41) tells GAVIN PRINS she was never broke, just financially overcommitted following her breakup with Amazulu Football club owner and millionaire Sandile Zungu.

She gets out of a sponsored vehicle as she enters the posh Maslow Hotel in Sandton where our meeting is being held. In front of me is the gorgeous former Uzalo actress Slee Ndlovu – reality star, wearing sunglasses, jeans, top, clutching a Louis Vuitton handbag. Make-up on point. No sign of poverty here.

We dive straight into the rumours. “Back then, I was financially overcommitted when Sandile and I split. But that  gave them (fellow cast members) no right to be going into my finances.”

When they broke up, Slee made sure she kept her branded clothes, her luxury car and a R300 000 limited edition Christian Louboutin handbag when she left.

“I learned a few lessons from that relationship, mainly that I should be my own person in business. I worked in one of Sandile’s wedding venues. Since then, I’ve learned that I have to create my own source of income. I’ll never depend on a man again. Independence is key,” she says.

But her biggest lesson comes from RHOD – the Showmax reality show starring Noku Williams, Sorisha, Jojo Robinson, Zama Ngcobo, Ameigh Thompson, Angel Ndlela and Maria Val.

It was fellow cast mate Noku, who brought her into the show, and who started the rumours that she was broke. “I never ever claimed that I was wealthy. Yes, I love beautiful things, but I never said I was a millionaire. With my breakup came some challenges. But to go and say that on TV was uncalled for.  And then she accused me of talking to her husband behind her back. Apparently, I told him that I am single and he needs to hook me up.”

Since then, the two have been at odds. “But I kept it cool, not losing focus of why I am doing the show. The show has taught me about myself. Now I can keep calm, even under pressure. Jojo and Noku have been on my case since we started. The one is always looking for drama and the other one has a limited  supply of English in her vocabulary.”

Slee says she was also dragged onto social media for being nasty towards these two. “I have always said we need to address certain issues before we can be friends again.”

Slee Ndlovu says RHOD is a great show but the drama on the show and even behind the scenes, is overwhelming. While she appreciates the friendship (with Sorisha Naidoo) she made on the show, she is considering not joining the next season.

“Sometimes I feel that I have overstayed my welcome at RHOD. I don’t want my kids (she has two from a previous relationship) to see me in all of the drama on TV. I am generally calm, but if you provoke me, you will get a reaction.”

For now, she has a new love. He lives in Johannesburg, and she is based in Durban, but the long distance makes the heart grow fonder.

As a child, Slee never went to her matric ball because her family could not afford a dress for her. Today, she regularly looks into her closets giving away branded dresses to matriculants who struggle financially. “It brings my heart joy. I live my own matric ball through the kids that I help.”

She is focusing on her new clothing line “Slee by Slee” – easy to wear for women. It will be affordable yet stylish, she says. IB

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