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A Healthy Business Starts with a Healthy You!


The dynamic interplay between personal well-being and business excellence has emerged as an unassailable truth. With the corporate wellness market projected to reach an impressive R1 trillion+ by 2026, the growing importance of wellness in the workplace highlights the priority placed on well-being, not only for employee welfare but for business health too. (ref: https://zipdo.co/statistics/workplace-wellness/)

Unaiza Suliman epitomises this truth. As the founder of UniQ Brows, a popular beauty salon that has evolved to encompass aesthetics and medical aesthetics, the journey has been a testament to the profound symbiosis of a sound body and a keen mind with entrepreneurial triumph. The strategic imperative of prioritising physical and mental well-being cannot be overstated. The nucleus of a thriving business is found in this fusion of physical and mental well-being. Health and Wellness expert Dr Alice Chen noted, “The physical health of entrepreneurs is an indispensable foundation for their success.”

Having undertaken her physical and mental well-being journey and seeing her business scale, Suliman has become an influential wellness enthusiast who understands that a healthy business starts with a healthy you!

The Business Imperative of Physical and Mental Well-being:

1. Energy and Productivity: Entrepreneurship is a relentless pursuit that demands boundless energy and unwavering productivity. Exercise, good nutritional choices, and sufficient rest form the bedrock for sustained productivity and the unwavering pursuit of success. Harvard Health highlights that regular physical activity is linked to improved cognitive function, essential for strategic decision-making. (https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/regular-exercise-changes-brain-improve-memory-thinking-skills-201404097110)

2. Resilience: Setbacks and stressors are part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s journey. Nurturing a tenacious mindset and an indomitable spirit becomes an ongoing endeavour for business leaders. Mindfulness practices and the cultivation of emotional intelligence empower them to face adversity, adapt to ever-changing landscapes and navigate critical setbacks effectively.

3. Creativity and Innovation: At the heart of entrepreneurship lies the constant drive for innovation. A sound body and a sound mind create fertile ground for creative ideas. As noted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Physical activity invigorates cerebral circulation, while mental well-being ushers fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

5. Stress Management: The modern-day entrepreneurs, especially those of SMMEs in South Africa, have to manage stress daily, and there is no better way to do so than through physical exercise. Mayo Clinic notes that physical activity boosts endorphins, which reduces stress, and “helps your body and its systems practice working together” through stressful moments. Even a brief, brisk walk of 20 minutes can significantly alleviate stress and usher mental clarity.

6. Work-Life Harmony: The traditional notion of achieving balance remains elusive. Instead, the key is to recognise when certain responsibilities can be temporarily set aside while deftly managing others. In the beauty industry, even a simple procedure, such as a brow or lash treatment, can be transformative in relieving stress and fostering a sense of well-being. Navigating the demands of work and personal life is a strategic necessity. Self-care becomes a pathway to savouring a life beyond the confines of business—a balanced lifestyle that fosters long-term success.

Prioritising personal well-being overflows beyond health preservation; it embodies a thoughtful choice that empowers one to present one’s best. It is in this harmony of body and mind that true business excellence unfolds. So, as business leaders venture into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, let them not forget that the pursuit of business success is inseparable from cultivating a healthier self. 

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