We are in that era where we all want the easy way of doing things but getting results instantly. People feel like time is running out and we are just not doing everything we want to do, so we are looking for quick solutions in everything that we do. 

We know that we click on adverts that mention the quick ways of doing things so fast, more than anything. Okay, but we actually give you the easy tips that are long-lasting yet easy to do.

1. Lift everything in a tight body posture

You are always lifting something every day, whether it’s a chair, a table, a sauce from the fridge, a friend asking you to help move their boxes one house to the other, or from one office to the other. Maximise on this and make it advantageous to your health and fitness. You will start feeling the difference in your body.

2. Take a walk every day

You probably didn’t see this one coming in, but this is one of the best ways to keep your body firm the easy way. You are probably just doing it the wrong way if you are. We don’t mean a walk-slow type of walk, we mean an intentional walk, that won’t take your breath away. You might want to do a 30 day walk challenge with someone close to you to get started, even if it’s just you, why not. 

You want results with it? Keep your abdominal area and legs tight as you walk, and tighten your bum as well. You will be building endurance and strength, and you will start to feel fitter, healthier and more confident in your body.

3. Fitness partnership

Consider this, having a fitness partner because you have probably stayed in on days where you felt lazy when you were supposed to go for a work-out. A fitness partner will always be there to motivate you. You have to have fun keeping fit, so don’t pair up with someone who puts too much pressure on you, or who can prompt you to not go for your fitness hour, but certainly be sure you are accountable everyday to yourself and your partner every day.

4. Food intake

Your food and drink intakes matter. You are probably doing the right thing already but not seeing the results that you want. Before anything. Set out fitness and food goals that will help you focus on achieving what you want. Change your food intake, have a portion that is balanced and too much, cut on alcoholic beverages if you are taking them, and cut on excessive sugars. 

5. Swimming

Are you a swimmer? This is your time to have a good time while stretching your body and keeping fit. Swimming is a full body workout that uses all muscles in the body, and doing any movement in the water is more intense than if you were to do it on land.

You might want to do this with a healthy drink by your side. Make sure you are mosturised and you have sunscreen on, so that your skin is protected from the sun.

Share with us. which one of these tips you are going to try?

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