Gone are the days where people just looked into hotels, lodges, and guest houses for holiday accommodation. Travel is such a fun thing to plan and hop onto, but accommodation seeking can really tire you out. Remember the rise of the Airbnb’s that is making every traveler’s life easy…

A home away from home

The Airbnb concept rose in 2008, and by 2011; Airbnb had already booked over a million nights. The company’s growth was taking a serious height, and it soon expanded to over 190 countries, now its on. travelers were no longer confined to hotel rooms only as mentioned. They could choose from beach houses in Cape Town, treehouses in Costa Costa-Rica, houseboats in Amsterdam, or castles in Scotland.

Innovations and Evolution

Throughout it’s journey, Airbnb continues to evolve and innovate. They introduced experiences, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in local activities from cooking classes to guided hikes. The platform also embraced sustainability, pledging to verify all listings for accuracy and quality. In doing so, they ensured travelers could trust their choices, while being safe.

Book and enjoy

If you don’t have an account already but you are ready to travel. Sign up already, search for a property and book. You can search by location, days, number of guests etc. make sure you view property details of the do’s and don’ts, amenities, reviews and what is available. Things like Wi-Fi that have become so vital.

It might help to stay in touch with the host, otherwise enjoy.

Stay in touch with your host, it might help you a great deal. You will never know what you might need, more especially if you are in a foreign land. Your host is your go to-to helper, otherwise enjoy your Airbnb stay.

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